2020 Combined 3 Event Package

2020 Combined 3 Event Package
  • Rental: $1,085.00 / 180 days
  • Total Duration: 22:32:40
  • Videos: 3

Get a fresh outlook on your practice through the combined experience of Brenden Cochran ND, Dennis Harper DC, and HEROS Coach Andy Belanger. Also learn what you don't know about Asset Protection with Gary Harker of Legally Mine.

*** This is a combined price for three different webinar video series that our experts composed.... It is a great value for over 20 hours of video!


OCBM Part 3 of 3- Introduction Series

The December conference will address Tools/Toys,( the things many of us can't resist buying for our practice) We will look at things to consider BEFORE buying. Examine some of the tools out there and ways to make them more profitable within your practice. Coach Andy will talk about Administration and optimizing accounting systems, admin. systems and analytics. We will also look at some HR issues with Jolene McDonough CFO of DBS. Legally Mine will take us through their newest offering; License Protection!

OCBM Part 1 of 3 - Introduction Series

Dr. Brenden Cochran on Treatment Formula, Methods and Results overview. Dr. Dennis Harper on Consults, reasons, organization and goals. plus the nuts and bolts of the 4-minute exam. Coach Andy Belanger Practice Operations, Optimizing schedule, time and flow. Legally Mine can put your mind at ease about Asset Protection! All designed to safeguard your time and money and simplify your practice!

OCBM Part 2 of 3 - Introduction Series

Dr. Harper will kick off this event with Report of Findings, building your box, Standard of care, Legal considerations plus the importance of "finding a plan the patient will follow!" Dr. Cochran will discuss the Formula for Success, results are the Key to Retention M/T+S=R (QQM). Coach Andy will talk about marketing, optimizing macro and micro markets, deliverables, as well as 2 distinct marketing strategies. Legally Mine will share Tax tips and savings designed to help you save money!