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Ozonated Fluids, MAH and Hyperbaric Ozone

This course will introduce Ozonated Fluids, Major Autohemotherapy and Hyperbaric Multiple Pass Ozone. We will discuss the topics, treatment strategies and safety to bringing these tools into your clinical practice efficiently. Many clinical pearls will be shared on the do’s and don’t ‘s.

  • Ozonated Fluids, MAH, Hyperbaric Ozone.pdf

    This course will introduce Ozonated Fluids, Major Autohemotherapy and Hyperbaric Multiple Pass Ozone. We will discuss the topics, treatment strategies and safety to bringing these tools into your clinical practice efficiently. Many clinical pearls will be shared on the do’s and don’t ‘s.

Copper Toxicity & the Proper Chelation/Removal of Excessive Copper

Fibromyalgia, certain chronic neurological conditions and certain cancers can be aggravated to excess copper. The included handout outlines the tools to properly understand copper toxicity and proper chelation/removal of excessive copper.

  • Copper Toxicity and Treatments.pdf

    This handout provides you the tools to properly understand copper toxicity and proper chelation/removal of excessive copper.

#1 Patient Education Class For Providers

Looking for tools to help educate your patients, Let Dr. Harper help you with this video from one of the monthly Clinic Classes that he offers free to the public.

Consent Forms for Procedures

Are you looking for consent forms pertaining to ozone, injections and IV Therapy. In this short video Dr. Cochran explains the important considerations that are needed each time you perform a procedure. He also provides you with the necessary templated consent and pre and post care forms to utilize in your office.

  • Documents To Go With "Consent Forms For Procedures"

    Injection Therapy Informed Consent PDF Injection Follow Up Info PDF IV 10 Pass Hyperbaric MAH & MAH Consent PDF IF 10 Pass Hyperbaric Prep PDF IV Follow Up Information MAH PDF IV Informed Consent PDF IV Informed Consent IV Exsomes & BA PDF PRP Hair Consent PDF

Ozonated PRP, OCM and Sexual Health Overview
This course will introduce PRP and the different types of PRP. Also will discuss the different anti-coagulants and how ozone can boost your efficacy. Ozonated Clot Matrix will also be introduced with theory and applications. Then finally we will go into a couple aesthetic and sexual health tips when using ozone. A PowerPoint handout will be provided.
  • Powerpoint Handout for Ozonated PRP, OCM & Sexual Health Overview Video

    Powerpoint Handout for Ozonated PRP, OCM & Sexual Health Overview Video

Insufflation, Limb Bagging and Minor Autohemotherapy

During this course, Brenden Cochran, ND will introduce insufflation, limb bagging and minor autohemotherapy. Applications of how to set it up and where to purchase the setup. We will also talk about the safety, treatment objectives and contraindications when using these techniques. Handouts will be provided.

  • Combined Insufflation.pdf

    Step-by-step downloadable instructions for Insufflation's and minor Autohemptherapy. Great resource for your patients! ++ A complete 411 on Rectal Ozone. Everything you need to know to get started! Makes a great patient handout.


Dr Brenden Cochran will walk you step-by-step through a 10-pass ozone Treatment. With the purchase of the video you will also receive a 24 page PDF pictorial with written instructions that is available for download.

  • 10 Pass 24 Pg. Pictorial

    With the purchase of the video you will also receive a 24 page PDF pictorial with written instructions that is available for download.

Patient Education On Ozone "Why Ozone - Patient Marketing Version"

Dr. Harper works to education your patients on what Ozone is and how their health can benefit from it. This video is a marketing video that will education YOUR PATIENTS on the value of Ozone. Practitioners can use this video to educate their patients on ozone and it's many uses.

NOT Pain Relief - Knee Pain - Weakness In Left Arm

See the power of (NOT) Neural Ozone Therapy developed by Dr. Harper. This technique is especially helpful in patients with diffuse or multiple areas of pain.

  • Neural Ozone Therapy (NOT).docx

    See Dr. Harper radically reduce even long standing pain in minutes using the NOT Protocol the he developed.

HRS 4 Minute Exam

Dr. Harper will walk you through the 4-minute exam, noting things you should be looking for, as well as things to pay particular attention to.

Bilateral Knee Injection

Dr. Harper performs a Bilateral knee injection using the HRS ozone and amino acid solution.


    Dr. Harper performs a Bilateral Knee injection using the HRS amino acid, vitamin and ozone protocol.

HRS Lumbar Injection

Dr. Harper performs a Lumbar Injection.

HRS Standard Cervical Neck Injection

This is a standard 4 site neck injection using our HRS amino acid, B-vitamins and ozone.

Lumbar injection @ L3

Dr. Harper injects the Lumbar spine at L3, using the HRS amino acid solution, B-vitamins, and ozone.


See Dr. Harper radically reduce even long standing pain in minutes with Neural Ozone Therapy (NOT)

Ozone Conditions and Research
An Ozone course that will review the literature available on ozone and the conditions it can be used for clinically. Citations and clinical expertise is provided to give you a detailed understanding of the conditions you should be using ozone for. This strong understanding of ozone’s versatility will allow you to then move forward with each individual skill set needed to achieve clinical results.
  • (Research) Conditions & Literature

OCBM Part 1 of 3 - Introduction Series

Dr. Brenden Cochran on Treatment Formula, Methods and Results overview. Dr. Dennis Harper on Consults, reasons, organization and goals. plus the nuts and bolts of the 4-minute exam. Coach Andy Belanger Practice Operations, Optimizing schedule, time and flow. Legally Mine can put your mind at ease about Asset Protection! All designed to safeguard your time and money and simplify your practice!

OCBM Part 3 of 3- Introduction Series

The December conference will address Tools/Toys,( the things many of us can't resist buying for our practice) We will look at things to consider BEFORE buying. Examine some of the tools out there and ways to make them more profitable within your practice. Coach Andy will talk about Administration and optimizing accounting systems, admin. systems and analytics. We will also look at some HR issues with Jolene McDonough CFO of DBS. Legally Mine will take us through their newest offering; License Protection!

OCBM Part 2 of 3 - Introduction Series

Dr. Harper will kick off this event with Report of Findings, building your box, Standard of care, Legal considerations plus the importance of "finding a plan the patient will follow!" Dr. Cochran will discuss the Formula for Success, results are the Key to Retention M/T+S=R (QQM). Coach Andy will talk about marketing, optimizing macro and micro markets, deliverables, as well as 2 distinct marketing strategies. Legally Mine will share Tax tips and savings designed to help you save money!

BA Scapular Brown Fat

**This injection is especially good for younger patients or patients that have difficulty remaining still. It can be performed on both sides simultaneously with 2 injectors.


Dr. Harper reviews Lower extremity injection sites for a variety of conditions.

Neck Injection, BA

Standard ozone injection with the addition of Biologic Allograft. Injecting 2 spots.

Scar Injection

Using ozone and an amino acid solution to treat scars. Observe the tricks that make this a relatively simple procedure to perform.


    Written step-by-step instructions for treating scars.


Dr. Harper reviews many upper extremity injection sites for a variety of conditions.

Why Ozone Video - For Practitioners

Dr. Harper discusses reasons to use Ozone in your practice. What it is, what it does including a discussion about "gamma" or micrograms per milliliter ml.

Medical Ozone Applications Overview

This course will introduce Ozone Fundamentals with detailed explanations of biochemistry important for clinical applications. You will have an understanding of concentrations, mechanisms of action, how to increase NAD/NADH intracellularly, and when to use ozone vs. hydrogen peroxide vs. high dosage vitamin C. The level of detail provided will leave you with an understanding necessary for safe and effective use of ozone in your practice.

Educate Yourself On Stem Cells

The evolution of cell-based therapies has led to confusion of the usages, legalities and safety concerns presented to the physician and patient. Like most discoveries in medicine cell therapies are cutting edge breakthroughs in regenerative medicine. However, we also have a history to repeat ourselves in medicine with heightened expectations and reductionistic focuses. The progression of cell-based therapies is no exception as we see the term “Stem Cell Treatment” is being misinterpreted and misused. The original focus of stem cell therapy was replaced by medicinal signaling cells which is a more appropriate term. However, the focus is still on the cells versus the other features including cytokines, exosomes, and many more we don’t yet know of. Research and clinical observation are strongly suggesting that the number of cells has very little to do with the regeneration. The “soup” and maximization of the terrain is more critical to support the prime environment for paracrine rather than autocrine signaling. The importance of this understanding is critical in successful outcomes.

  • Stem Cells By Brenden Cochran, ND

3- Site Hip Injection + L-3 - Exam by Dennis Harper DC

Dr. Harper performs a brief Hip & L-3 exam and demonstrates 4 different injections to support a chronic longstanding degenerative hip as shown on X-Ray (included)

  • Hip Injection - Exam by Dennis Harper DC-Hip XRAY.jpg


    Anterior Hip injection with landmarks.

Superior and Lateral Shoulder injection - Dennis Harper, DC

Included in this video bundle is video injection of Dr. Harper injecting 2 shoulders using both a Superior and Lateral Approach, along with X-rays of needle placement and Shoulder anatomy. A written protocol is included for both Approaches.



Median Nerve Injection

The Median Nerve injection is designed as an alternative to standard Carpal Tunnel Release as performed traditionally on wrists.

  • Median Nerve Release Protocol

  • Scan_20210408.png

    Anatomy of the Muscled Right Elbow Oblique and Lateral Views

Immune System Jumpstart Written Protocol.

Immune System Jumpstart Written Protocol. This Protocol comes with several supporting documents to include product information on ACS 200 Silver, ACG Glutathione & Regenalyn. The Comparative Silver Study done by Robert Rowan & Dr. Dennis Harper some years ago. There is a 2 page document that gives you wholesale pricing on the Results RNA products used in the Jumpstart as well as a page to open an account and be placed into our group which is the only way to be able to order the Regenalyn which is a proprietary product that Dr. Harper had them create especially for our group.

The Immune System Jumpstart is a great way to "Jumpstart" the Immune system and provide nutritional support that is safe, easy and highly effective. It saves time and the necessity of using expensive IV bags, tubing, etc. This IV Push can easily be given to virtually anyone within 5-10 minutes using a 50mL syringe and a Butterfly needle. 

  • Jumpstart Protocol Documents

    Protocol and information on all supplies!